About Us

My name is Bonnie and I am a Buyer and Product Developer and I live and breath retail!

Since I got my very first job as a 15 year old working in the at our local supermarket, I have always been involved in retail. I have worked in buying for over 7 years, for one off boutique stores, ecommerce leaders, and major international retail chains with over 300 storefronts. With experience in a variety of different sectors including jewellery, footwear, food and beverage, apparel, gifts, books, homewares, photography, and handbags, I was able to succeed in these vastly different companies as the principals of retail remain the same, no matter what it is your business is selling.

During my career I have developed strong supplier relationships with major brands and also designed and produced my own products. I have also made several trips to China visiting factories and seeing the whole production process first hand. Working with manufacturers overseas can be really daunting, I am here to help you learn what questions to ask, what process to go through, and how to make sure your item turns out how you imagined, not like that $20 gown you bought on Amazon that would only fit an adult if they had their ribs removed and didn't mind that their ballgown was in fact a micro mini dress.

I was inspired to start The Retail Rationale as during my daily life when I go shopping I am constantly noticing what retailers in my local area are doing. What is successful, what is interesting, and what could be improved with some more knowledge. I know that most of these small businesses do not have the capital nor the desire to hire staff in specialized retail roles, such as buyers, planners, visual merchandisers, ecommerce specialists etc. This led to me developing the idea of a retail consultancy and educational platform, focused specifically on small business.

I love the world of retail and I would be honoured to share my knowledge with you to help both you and your business succeed.


Bonnie - Founder and Specialist Consultant